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Course Overview

Mindful Awareness and Divine Spirituality to Help You Think, Feel, and Live More Deeply

The Torah was given at Sinai. So were the meditative tools to help us open up, see more, and live more deeply.

This course teaches the what, how, why, where, and when of Divine Meditation, Mindful Awareness, and Soulful Transcendence.


Lesson Details

Lesson 1

Mind Control, I Think Therefore I Can

Mind over matter—when you mind, life matters. The Torah teaches that our brains don't control us, we control our brains. When we harness our awesome gray matter, dreams become a matter of fact.

Lesson 2

Spiritual Awakening, Tune In, Play On

What is spirituality and how do I tune into its song? Meditation is the instrument that allows you to play the spirited music of existence, and the voice that enables you to sing the soul of every experience.

Lesson 3

Divine Joy, Joy Vey

G-d animates everything, perpetually. Discovering G-d is opening ourselves to life's divine animation. Results include but are not limited to increased joy, more resilience, and deeper purpose.

Lesson 4

Here and Wow, Free Every Moment

Long before living in the moment gained its moment in the spotlight, G-d gifted us the incredible power to live with, live in, live up, and transform every single moment of our lives. It's happening now, at this very moment.

Lesson 5

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